Start here! Welcome to the Empowered Holistic Nursing Education (EHNE) workshop! There is a pre/post-test to help evaluate your learning, 3 modules to learn all about EHNE in nursing education, a short case study, and an opportunity for you to submit one of your own lesson plans with EHNE integration for feedback from Dr. Love, author of EHNE.

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Case Study:


      You are having a discussion about professional organizations in your nursing leadership course. One of your White students raises her hand and asks “why are there nursing organizations for specific people? Like the Black Nurses Association, or Hispanic Nurses? Aren’t we all just nurses?”


  • What assumptions are being made by the student?
  • What privilege(s) does her comment reflect?


You respond to her question by explaining the history of nursing a bit. You share that only White nurses were allowed into the American Nurses Association until 1951. Until then nurses participated in professional organization by founding groups like the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses. Others continued to work toward integration. Nurses were instrumental in the desegregation of hospitals, clinics, and nursing schools throughout the civil rights movement. Another student asks “but isn’t all that stuff over now? Like, move on. Why should people still segregate themselves.” You can see some students nodding in agreement, and the two students of color in the class are looking away. One looks at you quickly like “aren’t you going to say anything?”


  • What are some of your emotions (fears or concerns) as this conversation continues?
  • How do the students of color probably feel?


At this point you can move the conversation on to avoid conflict, or engage in the conflict. Using EHNE what are some steps you can take to keep the conversation productive? Which of the 5 principles of EHNE can you apply right away?

Use this contact section below to verify your completion of the modules. Dr. Love will then provide you with contact information so you can submit your pre/post-test, and the class lesson plan you would like to modify to include the principles of EHNE. Afterwards, your certificate of completion with continuing education contact hours will also be sent by email. 

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Love, K. (2014) A mid-range theory of Empowered Holistic Nursing Education: A pedagogy for a student-centered classroom. Creative Nursing, 20 (1), 47-58.